Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Sad news...

Sadly it is true. Last night a great actor, definitely underestimated by few, Michael Clarke Duncan passed away. His one of the first big films was Armageddon. Maybe a cheesy one, with all the american flags waving around, with a mission that needs to be done to save the world, with loads of cliche quotations ( you know what I mean: I love you forever, I need to do this, or somewhat like main character assuring his daughter:"Don't worry, I'll be alright..." As soon as he says it, you know he's pretty much fucked and there's no way back for him). ANyway, I don't want to write a review for this film, I like it anyway, I think it was cool back then. His other big role and I think many would say the BIG one, was The Green Mile. Who wouldn't remember the prisoner called Coffee. He performed brilliantly in this one, retarded Coffee, who can suck any disease out of people, and as we saw towards the end, he could also pass all the bad stuff in him to others. It was surely a great novel by Stephen King in the first place, but making a film out of it, they created a legend. Yes, it had great basis to be built on, but it was also a great choice of actors to be involved in and I dare to say that this film ( considering the prison theme ) can match with classics such as Shawshank Redemption. What fascinated me the most was the meeting of two worlds, two realities. The real world as we know it, and the fantasy one, the unbelieveable. You know sometimes you get films, where something entirely unreal happens, but characters kind of take it as it is and get on with it. So what, there's a Godzilla in the town, but we are more scared because of its size, rather to think, what the F just happened. In Green Mile, all the wardens just look so scared and so not believing what they just happened to see. As I said before - a great casting. Of course Michael starred in so many other films ( Sin City for example), TV series ( Spider-Man), or even did voiceovers for quite a few characters in video games, such as God of War II ( voice for titan Atlas ) or SOCOM II: US Navy Seals. Michael Clarke Duncan suffered from heart attack some time ago and unfortunately, even such a big man like himself, did not make it so he could stay with us. Rest In Peace, gentle Giant, you will be missed. I have done his portrait originally by pencil, then scanned in Photoshop, added textures and played around with layer mask and unrevealing the back by painting it black. Simple process, however I tried to keep the whole image simple, considering the situation.

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